Welcome to Sharetech Pty Ltd
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Note: this site is not yet operational and is in testing phase only while our parent entity – Advanced Share Registry Limited applies for a Low Volume Market operator exemption

Sharetech will provide share facilitation services exclusively for companies on the Private Company Platform (“PCP”) (refer www.privatecompanyplatform.com). This site can only be used by shareholders of PCP platform companies OR registered Followers of PCP platform companies.

Sharetech does NOT operate a market nor does it arrange a buyer or seller. Sharetech does NOT provide advice about a security nor does it make any suggestion as to the value of a security or company on the PCP platform. Sharetech simply alerts via its electronic registers an intending seller or buyer of a PCP platform company share.
Sharetech recommends any prospective buyers of shares in a PCP platform company to do their own due diligence on that company and also review the information for that company on the PCP platform or the company’s web site direct. Please refer the legal tab for further information regarding the facilitation process.

Coordinated Service Delivery

To ensure integrity of ownership and transfers, Sharetech works with fellow group entity – Advanced Share Registry Ltd (ASX:ASW). All PCP platform companies have ASW handle their share registry thereby ensuring effective on-line verification by Sharetech of ownership and any restrictions on transfer of any shares. ASW is the parent entity of Sharetech. Likewise, PCP is a sister company to Sharetech and the three companies are joined by a common goal of professional management of shareholders in unlisted companies.

Effective Compliance and Governance

Sharetech embraces high level values and governance. Sharetech acts consistent with any authority it may have in place at any time and from time to time from the company’s parent entity in order to conduct the ASW Group’s share facilitation business.