Register your interest in buying a PCP platform company shares

Before you can register your interest in buying shares or units in Private Company Platform (“PCP”) companies / unit trusts, you must be a registered Follower of that company / unit trust and have a Follower Identification Number (FIN). To register as a Follower of the PCP platform company you are interested in please go to and register as a Follower OR if you are already a Follower but not of the company of interest please add that company to your profile on the PCP web site then return to this site. If you have any questions please call Jeff on 0419 934 623.

Alternatively, if you are already a shareholder in the PCP platform company and you wish to buy more shares then you will need to quote your SRN (Shareholder Reference Number) – if you cannot locate the SRN please contact our parent company – Advanced Share Registry on 618 9389 8033.

Once you register your interest in buying shares in the PCP platform company specified herein, we will email you regarding any shares for sale, or if no shares available, the likely date there may be.

Information Required

Your FIN (*):
(Please note: This is the Follower Identification Number issued to you by Private Company Platform)
PCP platform company code you wish to express interest in buying shares in: (*):
Total dollar value estimate of shares you wish to buy in this company (*):
This is a guide for us at this stage and you are NOT committed to this amount
Have you formed an opinion as to how much you would want to pay per share in this company?
You can leave this box blank if you have not formed an opinion about the price you may wish to offer per share if there are shares for sale
Do you already own shares in this company? (*):
If YES then please note your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN):
Number of additional shares in this company you wish to buy:

Contact Information

Your Name (*):
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By pressing send you are simply noting your non-binding expression of interest in acquiring shares (or more shares) in the PCP platform company noted above – there is NO liability or commitment on you at this stage. IF there were shares available to buy you would need to firm up a commitment, agree a price per share, sign an Authority to Buy form, sign a Share Transfer Form and then EFT the funds – we assist you at every step. We do not charge you a fee for this service.