A guide to buying or selling shares in Private Company Platform Pty Ltd (“PCP”) companies

Sharetech Pty Ltd ABN 32 608 254 851(“Sharetech) provides a facilitation service only for shareholders or Registered Followers of PCP platform companies.

Sharetech Pty Ltd is a controlled entity of Advanced Share Registry Ltd ABN 14 127 175 946. Advanced Share Registry Ltd is an ASX listed share registry (ASX:ASW) headquartered in Perth, with an office in Sydney, Australia – refer

For more information on PCP please refer to their web site

Sharetech has an agreement with Primary Securities Ltd AFSL 224107 (“PSL”) in relation to the required authority to conduct its facilitation business – for further information on Primary Securities Ltd please refer

Sharetech does NOT operate a market nor does it arrange a buyer or seller. Sharetech does NOT provide advice about a security nor does it make any suggestion as to the value of a security or company on the PCP platform. Sharetech simply alerts an intending seller or buyer of a PCP platform company share that there is an interested party for a certain number of shares at a price set by that buyer or seller.

Sharetech recommends any prospective buyers of shares in a PCP platform company to do their own due diligence on that company and also review the information for that company on the PCP platform or the company’s web site direct. Please refer the legal tab for further information regarding the facilitation process.

If you are a shareholder in a PCP platform company and wish to sell some or all of your holding.

Please use your SRN to enter our portal and download the Authority to Sell document, complete it and send to us as well as advising us per the template how many shares you wish to sell and the price you would like to sell them for.

We will advise you if there is an interested buyer.

If you are a shareholder in a PCP platform company and wish to buy more shares in the company

Similar to the above, enter your SRN and register your interest in buying more shares by completing the template and note how many shares you wish to buy and the price you wish to pay.

If you are a Registered Follower of a PCP platform company and wish to register your interest in buying shares in that company when and if they become available

Then please enter the portal by quoting your FIN and complete the template in terms of which PCP company you are interested in buying shares in, the quantity and price per share and press send and we will keep your expression of interest to buy on file for when there are share available to buy – either from an existing share holder or a fresh issue of shares.

Note: when a PCP platform company has more than 100 shareholders or if we notify the platform company there is an interested buyer, then the PCP Rules state that the company must maintain an “Investor Information” section on their page of the PCP platform.

The Investor Information section is accessible by that company’s shareholders and PCP Followers following that company. The Investor Information section aims to contain information about latest share issues, how the company is progressing, does the company have sufficient funding to maintain positive cash balances in the next 12 months etc and there is also a Directors statement – updated every 3 months – or more frequently if required noting that nothing has happened nor are they aware of anything that would likely cause an adverse impact (positive / negative) on the company or the value of the business.

Any share transfers will need the platform company’s approval via a director’s resolution – i.e. the fully signed share transfer is tabled for board approval.