Register your interest in selling a PCP platform company shares / units

Please ensure the company you wish to sell shares or units in is on the Private Company Platform (PCP) refer

Please ensure you have your SRN – this will be on your Holding Statement and if you are unsure please contact the company’s share registry – Advanced Share Registry Limited – by calling 618 9389 8033

Please refer to the Seller’s checklist noted below for more information. You must form your own opinion as to the price you wish to sell for. We provide no advice in relation to this.

Information Required

Your SRN (*):
Check your holding statement for this
PCP code of the company you already own shares in: (*):
Number of shares you own (*):
Number of shares you wish to sell (*):
At what price per share? (*):
You must form your own opinion about the price you wish to sell at
Please send me the exclusive Authority to sell (*):
Once you send this form to us we will send you the Authority to Sell Agreement

Personal Information

Your Name (*):
Phone Number (*):
Email (*):

By pressing send you are simply noting your non-binding expression of interest in selling shares (some or all) in the PCP platform company noted above – there is NO commitment on you at this stage – refer the Sellers checklist.